New Member: World O-Sport Federation!


We are happy to announce the recognition on World O-Sport Federation!

Obstacle multi Stage Sport (O-Sport):

World O-Sport Federation (WOF) founded 15th December 2005 in Hamedan city in accordance to the amateur goals of sport with humanitarian aims. It consists of various competition disciplines equally for both men and women which have become popular in many countries.

The Obstacle multi Stage Sport technical structure of O-Sport is formed of: traditional arts and games, such as dooz, Slingshot, Ley ley, Crossing of water and land and traditional Martial Arts tribes. during a process of deep studies and modernization with benefit of science relief and rescue as well as fast response techniques, these sports include Aqua O-Sport, Combat O-Sport, Mind O-Sport, Artistic O-Sport, Precision O-Sport.

– Aqua O-Sport (is the combination shooting with Slingshot, crossing the obstacles on the water and the land with acrobatic movements in the fastest possible time).- Combat O-Sport (is combination of shooting with Slingshot, crossing the obstacles on the water or the land with acrobatic movements in the fastest possible time and finally fighting on the competition platform or Ring in order to showcase combat capabilities of athletes).- Mind O-Sport (is the combination of mind skills with geometric equations in order to link 3 people or stone in intersecting lines on a 24-dot screen in three types of Groups and physical skills, rhythmic and balanced movements which is done as group with music and instruments).- Artistic O-Sport (is the combination of shooting skills, passing through the barriers with acrobatic skills).

O-SPORT Registration & Recognition in Olympic Movement:

  • Registered at physical education organization of I.R. Iran (28/01/2007)
  • Registered at instruments and landed property registration organization of I.R. Iran (09/06/2009(
  • Registered at youth & sport ministry of I.R. Iran (16/08/2014)
  • Registered at national Olympic committee of I.R. Iran (26/04/2011)
  • Member of world anti-doping agency WADA (25/09/2010)
  • Member of association for international sport for all TAFISA (08/09/2010)
  • Member of International sport for all games (2008)
  • Member of international humanitarian games (2016)
  • Member of world sports games WSG (2017, 2019)

For details download the Obstacle multi Stage Sport or visit the website.


ISNO licensed by IPTC!

ISO is officially recognised and licensed by IPTC!



International Professional Training Certification IPTC is an efficient academic method of professional training for different fields and subjects which needs training and it organizes seminars for each subject by their respective proficient masters which it will be guaranteed by International Certification today.

IPTC Seminars and sessions are suitable for those who have already gained some experience of Coaching, refereeing, management etc. whilst working as an apprentice, following their completion of latest award/qualification in fields. i.e coaches working towards their assistant coach qualification should be committed to their own development as a coach and should be able to demonstrate this through extended off course study. They should continue to work with a more experienced and qualified coach throughout their course of study.


International Professional Training Certification IPTC Management & Training Departments Organize different certification seminars for various Applicants.

  • Coaching / Instructor Certification
  • Coach Manager Certification
  • Coach Assistant Certification
  • Referee/Judge Certification
  • Assistant Referee/Judge Certification
  • Management Certification
  • Business Management Certification
  • Organization Management Certification
  • Time Managemnet Certification
  • Risk Managemet Certification
  • Quality Management Certification
  • Athlets Certification / License
  • Examiner / Master Certification

Those people who don’t have enough experience for coaching or refereeing they need to apply for :

  • Assistant Coach
  • Referee Certifications.

According to your experience, knowledge, education, background, qualifications, achievements, award and records, you can select and apply for higher certification courses.

Today, International Professional Training Certification IPTC has more than 37 full Levels just for the Skating Sports major throughout the world and if we want to compare it to the universities, a student can be taught 4 years and for some fields even up to 8 years of training in different subjects and collecting various degrees such as, Assistant Coach, Coach, Coach Manager, Head Coach/Instructor, also in organization committees, to be able to organize a local and International Championship or seminar, Office Management, about magazines and photography and videography, to be able to build a skate park and designing skate shoes, Skateboarding, BMX and Ice Skates.

The future Aim of IPTC is to continue its profession as the University in 2017 and 2018 in the United States of America and all the skate federations and confederations’ presidents to be graduated from this University and prepare them to be able to manage and handle any Skate Federation professionally in their countries.



On successful completion of the Coaching Assistant Certificate in Coaching different fields, learners will be qualified to coach independently and should be able to:
Demonstrate an ability to plan and deliver safe and equitable coaching sessions
Demonstrate an ability to review participant’s needs when planning and delivering a series of linked and progressive coaching sessions
Demonstrate an ability to self-reflect and use feedback from others
Promote and establish working relationships and high standards of behavior with students, coaches, parents and officials in the overall development of sports.
Demonstrate an understanding of:

  • generic coaching skills
  • Sports specific coaching skills
  • coach and performer/player development
  • good practice in club management and coaching
  • nutrition and hydration
  • physical conditioning – mental preparation
  • health and safety
  • working with parents, attitudes and ethics
  • laws of sports fields

Demonstrate an ability to identify and adapt Skating sports and some sports fields activities and sessions for a variety of different abilities and age groups
Demonstrate an awareness of further personal development opportunities in different fields of sports and especially skate sports, including coaching, sports therapy, and administration and officiating.

Please note: IPTC recommend that all coaches should join the Coaching Register once qualified and starting to coach, as this will provide you with necessary insurance along with many other member benefits that will help you to keep yourself up to date. If you are not already a member of the Coaching Register IPTC fees include a free year’s membership to the coaching register.


The IPTC in Assistant Coaching will be delivered by an accredited related federations or international masters. It will be split into the following phases:
Phase 1: Registration and Pre-course induction and activities
Phase 2: Taught course (Day 1 & 2) 6 Hours
Phase 3: Mid course – Practical coaching and independent assessment preparation + Question & Answer 3 Hours

Throughout the taught program the theoretical “How to coach” skills are threaded through the technical and tactical “What to coach” skills, both on court and in group activities. As a result you will have many opportunities to practice and receive feedback on the coaching skills that you have learnt. You will be assessed throughout the course by your course tutor who will give you plenty of opportunities to demonstrate competence in key areas. There will also be some written work throughout the course and an independent assessment at the end.

New Member: FIFS – Federation International Football Skating

We have the pleasure to announce a new member: FIFS – Federation International Football Skating!!

FIFS is the world governing body for the Football Staking!

The sport was created in the Midlands district of the United Kingdom in 1882 and the first documented match was a game between local rivals Derby and Burton on 30 January of that year. Video footage first appeared at Forest Gate Roller Rink in 1934 in London, United Kingdom, where two teams of female players were filmed for an item on Pathe News. Over a decade later Billboard reported in 1949 that it had been revived in Detroit, having disappeared for more than thirty years. The game re-emerged for inlines in San Francisco in 1995, when a group of friends on inline skates began playing soccer with a pine cone. They soon switched to using a football.​​​​

As if playing football on concrete, trying to kick one of those vintage heavy leather balls in between two jumpers (makeshift posts) wasn’t hard enough, these kids were doing so on roller skates!
The above picture was taken in 1931 in East London, the area in which Millwall and West Ham United played (the former have since relocated to south-east London).
London has remained a hub of the sport that has become known as Rollersoccer. Indeed, in 2003, the English capital hosted the maiden Rollersoccer World Cup, with the Netherlands beating old rivals Germany in the final.

Futins Sport born on 1996 in Brazil, South America by Mr. Almir Falcao when on a Sunday afternoon he heard the sound of the ball hitting the wall of his house, his children Caio who was 7 years old at that time and Juliana who was 10 were shooting and playing with the ball with their skates, he saw that and he thought that he can adapt the idea in a futsal court.

Welcome FIFS!!!!


New Member: IPTC!!!

We are very proud to announce the new member: IPTC – International Professional Training Certification.

IPTC is officially recognized by the:

  • International Parkour Federation IPF,
  • Federation International Football Skating FIFS,
  • World Freerunning Parkour Federation WFPF,
  • Roller Soccer International Federation RSIF,
  • Uganda Olympic Committee UOC,
  • Futins International Federation FIF,
  • Asia Freerunning Parkour Union AFPU,
  • Asian Extreme Sports Federation AXF,
  • USA Chamber of Commerce,
  • Turkey Chamber of Commerce,
  • International Yoga Federation IYF

For more details please visit the website clicking on the following link.


New member: FIFS!!

We are happy to announce the recognition of the FIFS – Federazione Italiana Football Sala.

FIFS isItalian body that promotes, coordinates, organizes and manages the entire national 5-a-side soccer movement played with the 1930 Original Rules recognized worldwide by the Asociacion Mundial de Futsal – AMF and European Level by the Futsal European Federation – FEF.

FIFS is recognised by FEF and AMF.

Welcome FIFS!

For more information please see the website clicking on the link.