New Member: World O-Sport Federation!


We are happy to announce the recognition on World O-Sport Federation!

Obstacle multi Stage Sport (O-Sport):

World O-Sport Federation (WOF) founded 15th December 2005 in Hamedan city in accordance to the amateur goals of sport with humanitarian aims. It consists of various competition disciplines equally for both men and women which have become popular in many countries.

The Obstacle multi Stage Sport technical structure of O-Sport is formed of: traditional arts and games, such as dooz, Slingshot, Ley ley, Crossing of water and land and traditional Martial Arts tribes. during a process of deep studies and modernization with benefit of science relief and rescue as well as fast response techniques, these sports include Aqua O-Sport, Combat O-Sport, Mind O-Sport, Artistic O-Sport, Precision O-Sport.

– Aqua O-Sport (is the combination shooting with Slingshot, crossing the obstacles on the water and the land with acrobatic movements in the fastest possible time).- Combat O-Sport (is combination of shooting with Slingshot, crossing the obstacles on the water or the land with acrobatic movements in the fastest possible time and finally fighting on the competition platform or Ring in order to showcase combat capabilities of athletes).- Mind O-Sport (is the combination of mind skills with geometric equations in order to link 3 people or stone in intersecting lines on a 24-dot screen in three types of Groups and physical skills, rhythmic and balanced movements which is done as group with music and instruments).- Artistic O-Sport (is the combination of shooting skills, passing through the barriers with acrobatic skills).

O-SPORT Registration & Recognition in Olympic Movement:

  • Registered at physical education organization of I.R. Iran (28/01/2007)
  • Registered at instruments and landed property registration organization of I.R. Iran (09/06/2009(
  • Registered at youth & sport ministry of I.R. Iran (16/08/2014)
  • Registered at national Olympic committee of I.R. Iran (26/04/2011)
  • Member of world anti-doping agency WADA (25/09/2010)
  • Member of association for international sport for all TAFISA (08/09/2010)
  • Member of International sport for all games (2008)
  • Member of international humanitarian games (2016)
  • Member of world sports games WSG (2017, 2019)

For details download the Obstacle multi Stage Sport or visit the website.