International Sport Network Organization (ISNO) is a no profit organization composed by organizations, based in Switzerland aiming to assist its member around the world.

The categories of the member are:

  • International Member
  • Continental Member
  • National Member
  • Club / Local Member

The aims of the organization are:

  • NETWORK ORGANIZATION: To help members to reach their goal, to manage their organization giving assistance (Management, consultancy, insurance, general services, administrations and consultancy to reach national and international recognition) creating a network through the members in order to help each other;
  • ISNO GLOBAL GAMES: To organize the ISNO Global Games
  • SPORT FOR ALL: To organize Sport for All wellness and physical activity globally, to organize and Develop sports events, training sections for International or National Federations
  • ANTIDOPING: to support anti-doping programme of the member under WADA thanks to the WHEA partnership (http://www.antidoping.fi/web/en/clean-sport-message). All competitors attending to your events must be World Heavy Events Association members with signed anti-doping contract minimum of 3 months prior the event. With the anti-doping contract the athlete commits to our anti-doping program, which is following WADA´s Code and other rules. Via the anti-doping contract the athlete is available for doping testing 24/7 without prior notice in training season as well in competitions.
  • TRAINING PROVIDER: to certify coaches and develop high value training courses in sport fields under ISO as an ISO academy, having all the recognitions worldwide, helping member to have the highest recognition for their certification program.
  • SERVICE AS EUROPEAN FEDERATION: member can delegate ISNO to be their European and continental federation.

ISNO is recognized or partner of the following organization:

  • Associazioni Sportive e Sociali Italiane (ASI)
  • International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA)
  • International Professional Training Certification (IPTC)
  • World Heavy Events Association (WHEA)
  • Sportanddev: The International Platform on Sport and Development
  • World Wellness Weekends (WWW)

All the above mentioned partner recognized all the activities and certifications of ISNO. The main partner of ISNO is the International Sport Organization (ISO).